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BaseDataPlace brings solutions and tools in one smart and flexible package

Identity and persistence are the key

The identity, traceability, and persistence of the data is a key element of the successful existence in todays digitalized world. For more complex and long-term systems such as factories, it is one of the most difficult tasks to have this done in the right way. Why is it so difficult?

  • It touches all entities and processes across the system
  • You don’t want to change it anymore
  • You need absolute maintainability and flexibility

It is possible. It took us more than a decade, to understand the whole complexity. Do you have multiple years available to explore it? If no, please read more about our OpenSource solution.

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Based on VEFramework and Microsoft technologies


Years in Industry

more than



Minutes to build own app


Sent transactions


We all need to save the energy. If you spend millions for implementing incompatible systems, it will consume huge amount of energy from the global environment.

Sharing the framework such as BDP brings us towards bright future, since the existing systems and the entire civilisation will become very hard to manage and sustain.

What are the key elements to achieve that?

Unified Namespace

Basic Data Lake structure with traceability and possible implementation on different technologies.


Basic Data Lake is part of the multipurpose software tools, for easy applications development. Including various applications for technologies.


If you are writing business logic for data as small simple utility app or robust global app it must be the same in at least 80%.


You must be able to manage and maintain the toolset around your Data Lake. The OpenSource, OpenHardware, OpenDigitalization is the absolute priority.


Without sharing data with AI now, you might be waiting for your AI forever. You can solve it right now.


24/7, 365 days in year, we run online. It was a time to get prepared for this. Now it is time to live it.


BaseDataPlace is built on top of the VEFramework. It is the set of the tools bringing the final applications as well as the developer’s drivers.

All software is provided as OpenSource, introducing mind-blowing possibilities of future savings on those kinds of systems. All is based on robust technologies (mostly Microsoft .NET environment), being able to operate on any platform.

See what a simple example of BDP App for storage of the Xray Images can solve.

Store Image just once

TThe app will solve your storage and transfer of data between Xray lab, Quality, Process engineers and automated inspection in production at the same time. The BDP App reduces the duplicities and protects files against ransomware, thanks to the IPFS utilisation.

Persist data for future

IPFS, in a combination with blockchain can provide you precise persistent global storage. It is easy to back it up, it is easy to search through and it is easy to proof, that it cannot be changed, as this is the key point for warranty applications.

Decentralized Computing

BDP App directs the computing load more to the user client side and reduces the usual load going to the main central server.

Create know-how database

Advanced tags and other data mining features allows you to create know-how base for your employees, external specialists, AI, devices, and all other parties cooperating with you.


We all have industrial background. Mostly Automotive, followed but many other industrial segments.

Zdenek has long experiences in global industrial leading corporations such as Bosch, General Electric, or Honeywell where he had the Director of Global Sourcing role. Having strong knowledge of the everyday business challenges, processes, and management of the global supply chain. His today’s activities are focused on renewable energy, connecting of SME with Corporate environments, global business development focusing on the innovative technologies.

Zdenek Zatloukal

CEO & Co-Founder

Tomas is a software architect and programmer who started working in electronics and programming at an early age. While studying at the university, he started the company ELEDUS, which develops and manufactures its own X-rays and CTs for industrial inspections. This endeavour eventually led him to the field of industrial digitalisation, which became his focus and passion. One of the focus areas he is currently working on is the application of blockchain and the creation of software tools related to it.

Tomas Svoboda

CTO & Co-Founder

Kenny is an industrial automation and fintech product architect with experience in sales, solutions, engineering, and leadership. He was a part of the core team who developed and produced the first blockchain transactions for vehicle data adhering to OpenSource specifications (MOBI VID Standard) in 2019, has written NFC and RFID transactions using privately hosted blockchain instances, and has an RFID embed in him. He enjoys exploring and implementing new technologies.

Kenny Horn

Technology Specialists & Co-Founder


Here you can see some examples from the use of the BaseDataPlace Xray App.

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  • Search
  • Create
  • On Phone

Add Mermaid Diagrams

Create, edit and version digitaly signed rules directly in the App with Mermaid diagrams

Add PDF Files

Add the PDF documents in the item gallery to provide guidelines, certificates, or other related data.

Add JSON Files

Add, edit and version JSON files as parts of the communication from/to the machines or other systems.

Text Preview

Edit text including formating with Markdown

X-Ray Parameters

Input Xray parameters with FastNumberInput component

Save Data

Simple wizard style saving data.

API Integrations

Use standard OpenAPI tools for integrations with another systems


Gallery on the phone


Menu of the App on the phone

X-Ray Parameters

Input X-Ray parameters on the phone


Save the data from the phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most asked questions. If you will have any other questions. Please feel free to contact us

  • Where I can find the sourcec code?

    The source code is now part of the VEFramework project You can find the repository on the GitHub here.

  • We believe that this will simplify the adoption and use of the software in the industry. The possibility of imediate change by customer open more flexible way for cooperation. We hope that our deep knowledge of these technologies can be monetized different ways to keep enough money for future development.

  • Yes. Blockchain is one of the very important technologies, but not only the one. Same importance has for example IPFS. Blockchain allows to reduce cost for running global accessible services and provides persistance of the data. We are using blockchain designed by former CISCO engineer called Neblio. It was one of the first blockchain which was able to run on low-power Raspebrry PI and allows huge speed of transaction for low stable fee. It has own token protocol called NTP1, which offers great ways for sorting and tracing the stored data.

  • IPFS is shortcut for "Inter Planetary File System". It is interesting OpenSource technology for simple sharing the files with lots of amazing features for free. Please search more on their official website

  • The X-Ray inspection is connected to most of the processes in the production. The XRay images or CT data are very large. Each duplicity or not necessary transport takes time and energy. We also have deep knowledge of Xray inspection (Tomas) and plastic molding (Zdenek).

  • Yes we tested the possibilities of the VEFramework with another apps on client side or server side. Example can be the app for digital events and tickets. It can be used for example for tickets to the factory employee restaurant. The creating app like this can take about few days, maximum week.


Most of our work is in the online space. If you will like to visit us personaly we can meet in Brno, Czech Republic or in our temporary office on Curacao island.

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